Open Badges

Open badges are digital badges that you can award to volunteers for skills, achievements or attitudes. You need to use a badge platform to issue a badge, and there are many available, some are even free of charge to use. The two future skills badges created by the FutVol project are free for voluntary organisations to copy and issue for their volunteers. This documents contains information on achievement criteria and related matters.

As mentioned, open badges can be awarded on a digital platform. They are information rich. This means that they contain metadata about the skills the criteria and the issuer. When you view a person’s badge, information about their achievement can be seen.

The basis for our two badges is the Your Future, Your Volunteers skills model, which contains 14 future skills in volunteering and criteria for what it means that a volunteer has these skills and methods for displaying them. Volunteers can either describe their skills using the STAR model or by other means. Their supervisor or another assessor then assesses the badge application and can issue a badge id the criteria are fulfilled.